December 3, 2012

Do  you ever sit in front of your screen wondering what to write on your blog, whether its for business or fun? Or do you watch the many clever, funny and incisive tweets sent by your Twitter gurus and wonder how they think of all this stuff. Well don’t worry.  Do one of two things.

Step away from the screen and do something else. Pay a bill, take the dog for a walk or do some real work for a while.

Or stay at your desk, carry on watching those comments but stop feeling you have to butt in. It’s really OK not to be adding to the endless conversation. Sometimes just listening, and by that I mean, reading online, is the best thing to do. Twitter is a fantastic resource for finding things out and if you never post a tweet yourself, you can stil get a lot from it. The same with all forms of social media. It is honestly OK to be the quiet one at the table.

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