January 22, 2013

I recently visited a small charity helping families in Worthing to work with them on their social media strategy.

Like most charities, they were concerned they were not doing enough or doing it right. They had a general uncomfortable feeling everyone else knew what they were doing when it came to social media marketing but they didn’t have enough time to dedicate themselves to learning more.  It’s a common feeling, particularly for smaller charities struggling to survive.

I spent two hours working through the various issues they were concerned about and discussed the areas they needed to work on.  This included ensuring they were clear on their target market – was it their clients, trustees, volunteers or potential donors? Through observation of their social media feeds, it became clear to me that their Twitter followers were diffferent from their Facebook fans and so we agreed they needed to tailor their messages for each platform.

We discussed the tone  of voice of their social media output and the regularity. There was just one member of staff given the task of promoting the charity as part of her job role. She was part-time. I advised the charity to investigate if they could free up more staff to post social media to spread the role and ensure they were posting more frequently.

Finally we looked at the central message which came across from their social media feeds. They admitted they often did not have a clue what to post as they didn’t always feel they had anything to say. We analysed the reasons for the charity to be involved in social media and discussed how it’s not just about ‘telling’ your followers about your successes and more about sharing ideas.

Following our consultation, I wrote a report of our meeting and some agreed goals for the immediate future so they could get cracking with their new social media strategy.

If you would like me to do a social media audit of your company, charity or not-for-profit, call me on 07802 542 867 or email me at c.sutton@virgin.net.

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