December 9, 2013

I recently spent some time with a local Sussex charity which helps young people. They want to kick-start their social media as it had all reached a complete stop.

Our discussion covered some similar ground to most charities, including who is your audience and how can you find them. The simple answer for this charity is to ask their service users.

While the general perception is that young people are all over all forms of social media, it’s not always the case. Many use Facebook, though quite a few people are now turning off their FB pages as the novelty wears off.  Twitter use is increasing among young people but others prefer to use Blackberry Messenging, which allows Blackberry users to communicate with others.  Users can communicate in groups but if you’re not invited, you can’t join the conversation. It’s a cheap way for young people to communicate with each other, often away from annoying and more safety-aware adults.

Before throwing all your energies into posting regular Tweets or making your Facebook page look fun and exciting, the most basic advice is to do your homework. Ask the people you want to reach, what is the best way to find them. If you can’t ask directly, follow social media platforms to see who is using what, when and how.


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