January 10, 2014

Admit it, the diet’s boring and the gym’s too crowded and sweaty. As for an alcohol-free January…? Finally here’s some New Year’s Resolutions which you can really stick to.

Promise to keep your website and social media healthy by following these five simple steps.

  1. Have a daily Facebook Five Minutes. Post a status update every day while enjoying a cup of tea and keep your FB followers engaged.
  2. A  Tweet a Day will keep your organisation in the public domain and is quick and easy way to tell everyone about what great work you do.
  3. Update your website content regularly. This keeps the site looking fresh and new and keeps the search engines happy. Dedicate an hour a week at least to add your news.
  4. Make sure you regularly update your Windows and browser software. You should receive notifications automatically but make sure you don’t always ‘save it till later.’ Your PC will run much smoother if you do.
  5. Keep your anti-virus programmes up-to-date and run a scan once a week.  A nasty virus can lose days of work time.


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