February 12, 2013

I’ve been teaching journalism skills, blogging and social media courses for about three years now, I think.

During that time, I’ve taught at the Friends Centre in the centre of Brighton but also in some of their satellite centres such as The Whitehawk Inn, The Bridge, Moulsecoomb and in the Java Café, Woodingdean.

One of the best things about these courses has been introducing people to the tools which enable them to share their lives online. I usually introduce them to WordPress, very often just covering the basic skills of choosing a theme, putting up a post and an image or video.

Once the course has ended, some students do not carry on with their blogs. I understand that. It’s often a lot to take on for those with busy lives and a blog is a big commitment. It’s enough to know they have the tools to share their views, should they need to.

I’ve also found that sometimes the least likely student continues with their blogging, it seems giving people a different way to share their lives can be really empowering. It’s not always the noisiest ones with the most to say who in class who end up with the most interesting blogs. Whoever they are though, I really enjoy reading their stuff and watching them find their voice over time.  Most develop more skills on their sites while others seem to enjoy simply sharing the day to day with their followers.

Here’s a selection of blogs from my former learners. I enjoy reading them and hope you will too.

Roundhill Rob’s blog was launched during my course in Coldean.  He posts some really interesting articles about his walking, nature and Real Ale consumption.

Paddy joined my blogging course at the Whitehawk Inn. His gentle observations about his life are some of the funniest posts I’ve read on the web. Truly a joy to read.

Deewah joined my recent course Basic Journalism Skills at the Friends Centre.  Her site is still quite new but she has posted some fascinating insights into a recent trip to Afghanistan.

Ann joined my course in Woodingdean. Her site is full of colour and enthusiasm.

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