February 26, 2014

We all know about the digital overload – how there’s too much information and too little time. You may feel it yourself. Switch on your computer to do some work and before you know it, you’ve lost an hour reading an online paper, catching up with a friend on Facebook and crafting a pithy Tweet.

Your audience, your service users or your readers (whatever you call them) are struggling in the same way too. But if you know your customer well, you’ll know what makes them tick and a little bit about how their lives work.

One of my endless messages to my customers is to know your audience and then you know how to find them. . Think about their interests, finances and time constraints. When is a good time of the day to capture their attention? What social media platform do they use?

If you don’t know much about your audience, it’s about time you do. There are lots of ways to gather information either using Google analytics or studying your social media feeds to gather more information. A simple but highly effective exercise is to create some fictional customers and imagine their lives

This article on the online magazine for the Content Marketing Institute gives an insight into how and why, encompassing the notion of UX or user experience. UX studies the behaviour of people using the websites or apps to encourage them to follow the path you want them to – whether it’s to guide them to the check-out or encourage them to comment, depending on your desired call-to-action.

By the way, I work with user interface designer Ian Hallworth who specialises in knowing how and why your audience will relate to your website or mobile site. See some of the amazing work he has done.

If your website or mobile site needs an audit, Ian and I can work together to provide a comprehensive review of both content and design usability.

Contact me to discuss it in more detail.


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