May 1, 2013

I’m not a specialist reporter in finance, technology or science. Or law, double glazing or accountancy services. Instead, I’m great at writing about everything. And that’s a big selling point when you’re dealing with the general public. Who are really just you or I but without the years of experience you have in your job.

Too often, web and social media copy can end up full of jargon and acronyms only specialists in the industry – which is probably you, the client – can understand.

Make your content simple for your customers

These days there is just too much information out there for everyone to process. Even if your customers know they want your sort of services, they may not know as much about the subject as you do. Make it too tricky for them, for just an instant and they’ll turn away.

That’s where I come in. I’m just like your average customer. Just like them I know a little bit about stuff and I think I know what I want.  And what I want is for your website or social media streams to tell me what you do, clearly and simply.

When you first meet me, you may think I’m not that skilled at much. I don’t have years writing about personal finance or technology markets. A lot of my experience has been writing on tabloid newspapers. Is that just dumbed down writing? Don’t be fooled. My skills are simple but essential and I think, I’m pretty good at them.  My talent is to take the difficult and make it accessible to everyone.

Easy to read content will sell your business

It might not seem much of a skill but believe me, it is. For a start, I’ve got very good listening skills and I know what questions to ask to get the information I need. I know how to talk to you, the very knowledgeable client and translate all that information you have in your head, into simple, easy to read content for your customer.

I can put myself in your shoes and tease out what you want to tell – and sell – to your customers.

I can also put myself in your customer’s shoes. (I hope you have a clear idea what shoes your customers wear – it’ll make both our jobs easier. It may be something we discuss.) What do they really want to know about your company and what bits do they find really boring and a turn-off? How can you turn something sensible or mundane into a fun, luxury or essential purchase? A few key phrases and your customers can turn from browsers to consumers. I can help with that.

So instead of finding a specialist with lots of insider knowledge about your industry, try a generalist like me. I’ll turn the complicated into simple and capture more customers for you on the way.

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